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Being True Friends with Your Ego

Have you ever seen someone walking an untrained dog and asked yourself, “Who’s walking who, the master or the dog?”  It doesn’t look like a good time for either, as they both tug and struggle to be the one in control.

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In the case of your Higher Self and your ego, who is taking the lead with running your life?

It is interesting to observe how dogs interact with their masters and other dogs. A dog’s behavior is not that different from ego when it comes to the shenanigans that often take place. You may recognize some of these traits in yourself or others:

  • Over excited and out of control
  • Some socialize well and others don’t
  • Stubborn and refuse to follow their master
  • Whining and appears needy
  • Mischievous or simply won’t listen
  • Well trained and on guard
  • React easily to what is going on around them
  • Puppies being more curious than older dogs

It is ideal when the master and the dog are loyal companions, walking side by side and sharing mutual love, respect and joy. It is beautiful to witness.

There are often people with their dogs at a place down at the river where I go to enjoy nature.

One day a dog appeared from behind some bushes along the riverbank.  I wasn’t sure if this was the same dog I had seen before because her family wasn’t with her.

The dog I remembered seeing around the neighborhood was a beautiful gray and white collie named Angel.  She was never alone and was a dog that always appeared to be very well taken care of.

That day the dog actually looked homeless. Her coat was matted and she needed a bath in the worst way.  She looked a bit sullen as she walked toward where I was sitting. I didn’t want her to get too close because she was filthy dirty and pretty smelly.

She immediately withdrew when a couple of other dogs showed up.  Angel went back behind the bushes where she had been hiding out.

A while later Angel’s master showed up asking if I had seen her. I pointed to the path she had taken and he continued looking for her calling her name.

On my walk back home I saw Angel and her master in their front yard.  He was washing her down and said she must have been on some wild solo adventure.

A couple of days later I saw Angel again in the front yard.  She looked at me knowingly and wagged her tail.  She seemed content to be at home and physically she looked 100% better after being cleaned up and her coat beautifully groomed.

Humans also feel and look better when we are close to home with our Higher Self. Our inner master wants us to play and enjoy the adventure of life but knows better than to steer too far off the right path.

Our soul, higher self, whatever you call your inner being knows what is in our overall and highest good and will lead us in the direction of our heart’s desires.  We hear our inner guidance through our intuition.

Try not to let your ego go off on its own mission. Set out on your journey together with your physical and non-physical self.

The ego is habitual.  Its instincts are based on survival and reacts when there are perceived threats to its survival.  It will choose “what’s in it for me,” whereas your higher self has the wisdom and intelligence of not only what is in your overall best interest but “the highest good for all.”

Your ego can be a loyal friend to your Higher Self and allow the unique expression of your essence to be manifested in the physical world.

When the ego merges with the Higher Self it is an ideal union.  The ego will take the lead of the Higher Self’s will.  The master is then guiding the ego, not the other way around.

Always take the lead from the will of your Higher Self and enjoy the non-physical and physical aspects of yourself together as constant companions in your life.

Self-Enquiry Reflection

  • Do you nurture your inner self as much as your physical self?
  • Does your personality dominate your life?
  • Do you listen to your heart and your mind?
  • Do you take time to get in touch with your Higher Self?
  • Are you always on the go?
  • Are you able to slow down and become present?

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It is a catalyst for transformation and greatly benefits anyone who has a desire for positive change and seeks to live life on purpose.

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