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Spirit is Speaking to You Through Your Tears

You never want to hold back tears because that is when the soul fully connects with the body. Be compassionate with yourself when tears want to surface.

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There are tears of heartache and pain, tears of pity and tears of joy.  There are also tears that connect to an overwhelming sense of emotion that is difficult to articulate with words.  It feels as if your soul is trying to come forth and communicate to you.  I’ve heard it referred to as Spirit tears.
Spirit tears and spontaneous emotion can be your soul expressing itself or encouraging you to take a next step in your life purpose. It can make your mind question these feelings but it feels good in your heart.

It can also be activated when your own soul is witnessed by another soul.  When your unique gifts are used and appreciated in the physical world.  When you connect with and get a sense of who a person is at a soul level.

Your soul brings may also tears to your eyes when you witness beauty through music, art and nature.  Experiencing a sense of awe and wonder.  Appreciation is a beautiful thing to behold when you read or hear something loving or inspiring that touches your soul and allows you to really feel.

There are also tears that can surface with energy clearing. A friend said to me she really knows she has had a healing or clearing when the waterworks start.  It looks like crying, but feels more like an emotional release.

It can surface when you least expect it and your personality may wish to push this spontaneous emotion back down, especially if crying has been seen as a form of weakness.  Have compassion for yourself, it is healing when emotion that has been stored in the body is allowed to release.

It is not a form of pity or feeling sorry for yourself.  When you understand that it is your soul helping you release something that no longer serves you, you will never push those feelings or emotions down again.

Once you open yourself up and no longer consciously or unconsciously want to hold negative emotions inside you, there will be less resistance to experiences of emotional release.

The beautiful thing is you don’t need to force the process. You will know when it is time.  It is an inner experience.  There is an energy that allows emotion to surface that has been held inside the body, perhaps unconsciously.

Experiences with a release coming to the surface during an energy clearing session can be different for many people.  Know that you can simply feel it, release it and say “thank you and goodbye.”

Common experiences can take the form not only of tears but there can be spontaneous emotion (subtle or intense), a deep breath, feeling of lightness, relaxation, a release of internal tension, thoughts, feelings, words, sensation in your body (i.e. lightness around your heart) a vision in your minds eye such as a symbolic story playing out.

There is a huge sense of freedom after an energy clearing. You may wish to move your body afterwards with exercise, yoga, dance, or take a walk in nature.  It’s very good to shake off any remnants of the old energy that has cleared.  Follow this with a shower or bath if it feels like you want to rinse away any sense of heavy emotion or residue.

Energy clearings can also be experienced through meditation, yoga, journaling, time when you give yourself space to be and feel.  The beauty of energy clearing in the Universal (quantum) field is that you don’t need to relive the pain or trauma, you don’t need to relive the experience in order to clear it.

Energy Healing clears resistance such as memories, emotions, beliefs, and patterns that keep us feeling separate and allows us to feel freedom. To learn more about how Energy Clearing can benefit you click here.

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